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First European Air traffic controller Selection Test

FEAST is a battery of tests that helps Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
to identify the most suitable candidates for the job of an air traffic controller

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How to become FEAST User Organisation?

The process

Establish FEAST User Agreement with EUROCONTROL

Select qualified personnel

FEAST Installation and Training

Terms and Conditions

The price for EUROCONTROL FEAST is determined in the following way:

  1. For organisations from EUROCONTROL Member States:
    • 90 EUR per candidate for the first 50 candidates tested during a calendar year;
    • 75 EUR per candidate for the next 51 to 500 candidates tested during a calendar year;
    • 50 EUR per candidate for the 501 to 1000 candidates tested during a calendar year;
    • 0 EUR per candidate for the 1001 and beyond tested during a calendar year.
  2. The license fee for FEAST for organisations outside EUROCONTROL Member States may vary according to the marginal cost for providing the service to a particular organisation.

Access to all FEAST products - FEAST I, FEAST II (DART) and FEAST III (FPQ) - is included in the price.

FEAST training and refresher training attended at EUROCONTROL are included in the price.

Access to support from FEAST help desk and other FEAST Services (test development and validation) is included in the price.

Submit a request to become a FEAST user organisation

Email us and let us know:

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  • Your function
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  • Describe your organisation and the potential market

FEAST Implementation

Installation and training

All FEAST tests are web-based and can therefore be managed and maintained centrally by the FEAST team. Nevertheless, following the signature of the FEAST Terms of Use Agreement, an initial installation on-site is performed by the FEAST team.

Once the installation and technical checks have been completed, the FEAST team provides two courses on-site as part of the initial installation and accreditation training for a new user: the FEAST Administrator course and the FEAST User course. The training usually takes three days. Upon successful completion of the training, participants receive accreditation as FEAST Users and Administrators and are given access to the FEAST products.

Additional FEAST courses, such as refresher courses, are offered free of charge on a regular basis in Luxembourg or, subject to a fee, can be organised on-site at the request of the user organisation.

FEAST Candidate Management Tool

The FEAST tests are provided within a highly specified software application. This is an online candidate management environment within which users may manage their FEAST-related recruitment process in the form of a workflow.

Users may record personal details and candidate registrations, monitor and manage candidates’ progress within the workflow and retrieve test results and reports from the database.

Stringent security measures are in place to safeguard the test content and applicants’ personal details. These measures comply with European data protection legal requirements and standards. Access to the software tool is strictly limited to those who are accredited and authorised to use the system.

Support and maintenance


The FEAST candidate management tool and all FEAST online tests may be accessed 24/7. Helpdesk support is offered by the FEAST team during business working hours (Central European Time) from 9:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.

System Maintenance

The FEAST technical infrastructure is centralised and is managed and maintained by the FEAST Service team and its suppliers.

General professional support

Objective professional support on such matters as best practice recruitment and selection methods, testing policies and interpretation of results may be obtained at any time from the FEAST team.

Validation of tests

The FEAST service offers a validation process which requires the collection of data about the performance of those trainees who have been selected using FEAST. The format of the data collected is a standardised form (BOS) for completion by ATC training staff. A short training course is offered to support FEAST validation.

Comprehensive validation reports are regularly made available by the FEAST Service Team. In this way, tests are kept reliable, relevant and predictive. Re-norming of the scoring is performed at regular intervals, when necessary.

Who uses FEAST for the selection of ab initio Air Traffic Controllers?

Meet the FEAST team

FEAST is developed and managed by a dedicated and highly qualified team


Marc Damitz

FEAST Service Manager


Doris Dehn

Senior Expert


Nathalie Laue-Rossignol

FEAST Service Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

FEAST tests

Are there studies that demonstrate the validity of FEAST in predicting future success in ATC training?

Yes, FEAST tests have proven predictive validity. Validation studies have demonstrated that FEAST is a credible selection tool for ATCOs and has high predictive validity according to a number of different performance measurements. The studies can be made available on request.

What are the technical requirements for using FEAST?

In short, any modern off-the-shelf office PC and a good broadband internet connection are sufficient for FEAST. A detailed list of technical requirements can be provided on request.

How many candidates can be tested in parallel with FEAST?

From the technical side of the FEAST infrastructure, there are currently no limitations on the number of candidates that can be tested in parallel. However, on the side of the user organisation there may be restrictions, depending on the speed and bandwidth of the internet connection.

Are FEAST tests ever updated and/or renewed?

FEAST tests are updated and/or renewed on a regular basis.

Am I obliged to use EUROCONTROL’s cut-off scores or can I make my own selection decision?

No. EUROCONTROL issues recommendations on the application of cut-off scores but users have the freedom to develop customised decision-making rules which best fit the needs of their organisation.

For a given testing session can I choose which FEAST tests to administer, and in what order?

Yes. FEAST is a modular test system and users have the freedom to choose which modules they would like to use in their organisation. FEAST can also be combined with existing tests in the organisation.

How to become a FEAST test provider

Does my organisation have the right profile to become a FEAST user organisation?

Any organisation that is accredited as an Air Navigation Service provider (ANSP) or is a CAA-accredited ATC training institution can become a FEAST user organisation.

What steps need to be taken to become a FEAST user organisation?

Following an initial detailed exchange on FEAST, interested organisations need to sign a FEAST User agreement. Thereafter, a FEAST team comes on site to install FEAST and train all staff who are going to be involved in FEAST.

Can FEAST be provided exclusively to my organisation within my region/country?

No. EUROCONTROL is an international organisation obliged to provide its services to all interested parties under the same terms and conditions.

FEAST User Agreement

What is a FEAST User agreement?

A FEAST User Agreement is an agreement between EUROCONTROL and the FEAST user organisation. The FEAST User Agreement covers the conditions for the use of FEAST and addresses aspects such as privacy of personal data, confidentiality of FEAST test system content and the integrity of the FEAST test system.

Where can I find detailed information about the FEAST User Agreement?

An outline text of the FEAST User Agreement will be provided on request to organisations interested in the use of FEAST. Please write to us (at feast-service@eurocontrol.int) if you wish to contact EUROCONTROL.

Is there a fee for drawing up a FEAST User Agreement?

There are no costs associated with the signing of a FEAST User Agreement.

How long does the process of drawing up an agreement and becoming a FEAST user organisation take?

In general it takes 6-8 weeks to complete the process of signing the FEAST User Agreement by both parties after the organisation interested in using FEAST first expresses an interest.

Does the FEAST user agreement have an expiry date? How often does it need to be renewed?

In general, it does not have an expiry date and it does not need to be renewed unless this is requested by the FEAST user organisation.


How can I become a FEAST Administrator or FEAST User?

Any staff member in the user organisation can become a FEAST Administrator or FEAST User provided that they are going to be actively involved in FEAST and have been appointed to this role by the organisation’s FEAST coordinator.

Do the two different roles in FEAST both require specific training?


FEAST Users are those people who take an active part in the selection decision-making. They need to have a good knowledge of the FEAST system, to understand the psychometrics behind the tests and be able to interpret and use the results.

FEAST Administrators prepare, organise and supervise testing sessions and maintain the FEAST database.

How can I become a FEAST Administrator or FEAST User?

Once assigned to FEAST, staff members will need to follow FEAST training and receive the necessary accreditation.

Am I required to have a specific educational background in order to become a FEAST User (test evaluator)?

No specific educational background is required. However, most administrators and users will either have an HR background or have ATC experience.

How many people in my organisation can become FEAST users (test evaluators)? Is there a maximum?

The number of FEAST Users required depends on the size of the organisation and the volume of recruitment activities.

FEAST Support

Where do FEAST training courses for Users and Administrators (not candidates) take place?

FEAST training courses are offered free of charge at the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg. Alternatively, courses can also be organised at the premises of the FEAST user organisation.

What kind of FEAST training courses does EUROCONTROL offer?

A full overview of the various FEAST training courses offered can be found here trainingzone.eurocontrol.int.

How often should I follow refresher training to remain a certified FEAST User?

Users should follow FEAST refresher training at least once every 5 years.

After the initial installation of FEAST, will I receive further support from EUROCONTROL?

Following the installation of FEAST, users will have access to the FEAST Help Desk and may follow a number of additional FEAST training courses or refresher training courses offered by the FEAST Service.

Still need more information about how to become FEAST User Organisation?

EUROCONTROL can provide an overview of FEAST to your organisation. This can include a presentation to decision makers and staff involved in selection of air traffic controllers.

Contact our team at feast-service@eurocontrol.int